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A new twist on this powerful messaging tool


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ICQ Messenger is an instant messaging tool that's heir to the classic ICQ. It lets you talk with any other user who also has the app installed. And, if they don't have it installed, you can always send a free SMS to tell them they should.

As to be expected, ICQ Messenger includes all the features a real-time messaging app should have. This includes voice calls to other users, text messaging, group chats, stickers and emoticons, file sending, etc.

All the stickers (perhaps one of the most defining elements in any messaging app) are unique to ICQ Messenger. This means you won't find its pretty penguin stickers in any other app.

One of ICQ Messenger's most interesting features is its password protection. It lets you set a code required for opening the app. That way you can protect it from prying eyes.

ICQ Messenger is a powerful messaging tool that's loaded with features and a clean, elegant interface. Now all it's missing are lots of users to start using it.
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